Bathroom and Kitchen Installation in Mansfield
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We are HD Construction Notts Limited, the building contractors in Mansfield with a multiskilled team covering everything from the construction of house extensions to the installation of flat roofing. Having a full range of trades available makes our company particularly suited to kitchen installation and bathroom installation projects. If you have creative aspirations for an exciting new room space, we are here to manage the project in its entirety.

Many of our customers in Mansfield and the surrounding areas choose building contractors or installers to remodel kitchens and bathrooms not realising that there are specialist areas of work which could require hiring several subcontractors.

HD Construction Notts Limited brings every trade you need to the job.

Why do kitchen and bathroom installations require more trades?

Like new builds and house extensions, installations need a wide range of skills. A kitchen installation may require us to reroute electrical points or to make a provision for fitted appliances. A bathroom installation could need the water and heating supply relocated to accommodate the fitting of the new suite.

We have a full in-house team that can complete any extra work required. This includes the following accredited tradespeople:

  • Carpenters

  • Joiners

  • Electricians

  • Plumbers

  • Heating Engineers

Can I use an extension as a kitchen or a bathroom?

Yes. Many of our clients in Mansfield have single-storey house extensions built to accommodate a dream kitchen. Again, we bring all trades to the job and cover everything from the initial groundworks phase, all the way through to the addition of pitched or flat roofing to keep the extension 100% protected.

With double-storey extensions, you can have a kitchen installation on the lower floor and an ensuite bathroom installation for a new bedroom upstairs.

What can I expect your building contractors to do during an installation?

This is a very open-ended question and every job we undertake in Mansfield is as individual as the client. Typically, the building contractors in our team will:

  • Strip out your old kitchen or bathroom

  • Make remedial repairs

  • Assist with the installation side of the project

  • Finish the walls, ceiling and flooring

For any specialist needs which require accredited tradesmen, we promise to have the resources you need under the banner of a single local company.

How does using a multiskilled team impact the project cost?

Any kitchen installation or bathroom installation needs a diverse skillset that is beyond the realm of most standalone building contractors. If you need to hire in subcontractors from other companies to complete certain stages of the job, it adds to the overall cost and makes things difficult to manage.

Because we cover everything from the planning to the installation of pitched or flat roofing, installations in Mansfield always cost less through our company.

For kitchen and bathroom installations in Mansfield, call 07725 870121. We have a multiskilled team of accredited contractors.
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