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FAQs About Building Side-Return Property Extensions

The team at HD Construction Notts Limited constructs a range of house extensions in Chesterfield, Mansfield and all surrounding areas. One of the most popular types of property extensions we construct is side-returns. We manage every service to ensure that each stage of the construction process is finished to the highest standard. Our team are also happy for you to contact us to discuss the exact ways we can expand your home.

Here, we answer a few of the frequently asked questions we receive about side-return extensions, including:

What Is A Side-Return Extension?

A side-return extension transforms an unused alleyway or pathway down the side of a house into additional usable living space. These can be a smaller extension but can have a large impact on the shape and feel of your home. Side-returns are commonly combined with rear-facing extensions to create a wraparound extension, maximising your usable space. Whether you decide to blend together your extensions or choose a stand-alone side-return extension, they are a great way to create the extra room you need in your house.

How Long Do They Take To Build?

The construction time for side-return house extensions will depend on your existing structure and objectives. They can take around four months but can be completed quicker, and larger ones can take up to six months.

Side-return extensions are growing in popularity because of their cost-effectiveness and relatively smaller scale than other builds. They allow you to increase your home’s space and value by transforming existing space on your property.

What About My Garden?

Garden space is often viewed as a premium, so many people are often deterred from extending their homes because they can lose some of their gardens. Side-returns are the perfect solution because they use up dead space around the side of properties rather than eating into any valuable garden areas. They can expand living rooms or whatever type of room the alley is adjacent to. Even smaller side alleys can dramatically change the inside of your property.

Can I Change My Kitchen?

Depending on where the side-return is or if a new kitchen will be fitted, customers can use their new house extensions to create a contemporary open-plan kitchen and dining room. This allows you to establish an entertainment space, create more living space for an expanding family and fit your dream kitchen. Extending is typically more cost-effective than moving house and allows you to redesign the kitchen of your home in Mansfield or any of the surrounding areas.

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