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Reasons Why People Choose to Extend Their Properties

At HD Construction Notts Limited, we manage a range of house extensions in Mansfield, Chesterfield and the surrounding areas. We construct wraparound, side-return, rear-facing and over-structure extensions to meet every customer’s needs. Our team provides a comprehensive service to ensure each stage of the build is durable, attractive and finished to the highest standard.

There are many reasons why people choose to extend their homes and why an extension might be right for you, including:

Making the Most of the Outdoors

For those with a large garden, a driveway or space down the side of their house, an extension rarely detracts from their outdoor space and provides significant room inside. Rear-facing extensions can provide another dining room and, with the installation of rooflights and bi-fold doors, can showcase your garden. Similarly, over-structures don’t typically take up much space at the front of your property but can add more space and storage.

Additional Living Room

Those with growing families know the importance of needing separate rooms when their children grow. Toys strewn over your space are frustrating to tidy and impact your relaxation time. With house extensions, you can create a separate children’s playroom where all their belongings can be contained and enjoyed. Extensions also help teenagers who are growing and require their own space, whether an additional bedroom or a room where they can relax and unwind.

Extensions are also ideal for those without kids who have always wanted a larger living room. They can also create zones in your property in Chesterfield or the surrounding areas. You can create a separate kitchen, home office, gym, yoga studio, utility room or any other type of room you like.


Another common reason people extend their properties is to provide more storage room. Creating more space at the front of your home allows you to have a dedicated area to store your coats, shoes, umbrellas and other items near the front door for easy access. Side-returns can also be used to create a separate storage room for belongings such as sports equipment, musical instruments or a dedicated reading room with all your books. Established storage rooms will help make the rest of your home tidier and more spacious.

Additional Bathroom

Unless you live on your own, one bathroom never seems to be enough. Our team can help you establish the best place for a new bathroom installation in your property in Chesterfield or any of the surrounding areas. Installing an additional bathroom during house extensions makes home layouts easier to navigate and more convenient.

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