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Benefits of Choosing a Construction Company That Offers Full Design-and-Build

At HD Construction Notts Ltd, we are the first choice for design-and-build services. With qualified building contractors in Chesterfield, Mansfield and all surrounding areas, we can cater to all of our customers’ requirements. From the initial design to the final finishes, covering all stages, including planning, groundworks, flat roofing and kitchen installations, we offer a comprehensive service.

Here, we take a closer look at the benefits of hiring a construction company that offers full design-and-build services, including:

Smoother Project Management

The design-and-build approach ensures there is a single source for your entire project, which helps the job run as smoothly as possible. With classic methods, you have to choose an architect, finalise the design, choose a contractor and act as an intermediary between all points. With our comprehensive service, teamwork is built into the service to ensure all elements are covered to ensure seamless, successful completion of your project.

All Services Included

The building contractors at HD Construction Notts Limited are with customers in Mansfield and the surrounding areas from the initial design and planning of their projects. Our team covers all services for jobs, including:

  • Architectural and Planning

  • Design-and-Build Services

  • Full Project Management

  • Excavation and Groundworks

  • Roofing Services

  • Drainage Installation

  • Footings and Foundations

  • Hard Landscaping

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms

  • Pitched Roofing Services

  • Soffits and Fascias

  • Guttering Installations

  • Chimneys and Leadwork

  • Walls, Floors and Ceilings

  • Windows and Doors

  • Electrical Services

  • Plumbing and Heating

  • Plastering and Rendering

  • Painting and Decorating

Effective Communication

Specific design and construction details develop throughout projects, and the specialists at HD Construction Notts Limited effectively communicate to keep the focus on the entire process, not just separate stages. We prepare for potential problems and establish solutions before the job even begins. We ensure every element is working optimally and in accordance with each other.

We work closely with clients to establish their exact specifications and determine a plan to create their ideal construction.

Faster Project Completion

Design-and-build projects can be completed faster than other builds because all stages are streamlined through one point of contact. Our professionals ensure successful schedules are created and kept to, which allows for quicker and more efficient projects.

Quality Control

The design-and-build method with full project management helps ensure that the best methods and materials are being used for every stage of the project. With all components controlled under one company, the focus remains on protecting your interest and the project’s success.

With our many years of experience, the building contractors at HD Construction Notts Limited seamlessly manage every stage of projects in Mansfield and all of the surrounding areas.

For building contractors managing design-and-build services and more in Mansfield and the surrounding areas, please call HD Construction Notts Limited on 07725 870121 today.
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