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Why Should I Use LVT Flooring in My New Bathroom?

The team at HD Construction Notts Limited are the first choice for bathroom refurbishments in Mansfield, Chesterfield and the surrounding areas. We manage all services to ensure the highest quality installations for our customers. Our experts use top-of-the-line materials for every element of the new bathrooms we install. One of the most popular materials we use for bathroom floors is luxury vinyl tile, LVT. 

You can read our company blog and the testimonials from previous customers to learn more about the seamless services we manage. Here, we take a closer look at the aspects of LVT that make it a popular choice for bathroom flooring, including:

What It’s Made Of

LVT is a vinyl flooring which is comprised of multiple layers. The surface layer is typically designed to look like stone, wood or tiles to help create your ideal bathroom aesthetic. Using vinyl to achieve these aesthetics is also beneficial because it won’t suffer from the drawbacks of the original materials. This surface layer is topped with a protective coating that has a built-in stain guard and is scratch resistant. These elements create extremely hardwearing and durable bathroom floors that are waterproof and soft to walk on.


As mentioned earlier, LVT flooring is extremely durable and hardwearing and won’t be scratched or stained easily. With daily use by often multiple people, materials used for bathroom refurbishments in and around Chesterfield will have to be able to withstand frequent use and wear and tear, which is why LVT is such a popular choice. It is more robust than tile or wood while providing their aesthetic benefits.


Most types of LVT are completely waterproof, which makes them the perfect choice for bathrooms. With showers, baths, spills and exposure to moisture, excess water is typical in bathrooms, and your flooring needs to be able to deal with it well.  


With its durability and waterproof properties, LVT is extremely versatile, practical and fits in well with all shapes and sizes of bathrooms. We can even fit LTV in other high-traffic rooms, such as kitchens, creating a cohesive aesthetic throughout your home. 

We also offer the following options for our refurbishments:

  • New Sinks

  • New Showers

  • New Toilets

  • And Much More…

Low Maintenance

LVT is an extremely low-maintenance type of flooring, which is ideal for those who hate or don’t have the time for frequent cleaning or with mobility issues. LVT doesn’t require much maintenance or care to stay in top condition with the rest of your new bathroom refurbishments. It only needs cleaning on a semi-regular basis to prevent the build-up of grime and dust. We recommend regular sweeping and using a mop if there are any stubborn stains in the new bathroom of your property in Chesterfield or any of the surrounding areas.

Get in touch today to find out more about our LVT flooring and the other options we offer for your bathroom, including new sinks, new showers and new toilets.

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