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Reasons to Install a Wet Room in Your Property

A new bathroom is a great way to update and enhance your property. At HD Construction Notts Limited, our experts specialise in bathroom installations in Chesterfield, Mansfield and the surrounding areas. We provide full project management from start to finish to ensure all installations are finished to the highest standard.

You can contact us to discuss the options we offer to create your ideal new bathroom. Here, we look at the reasons to install a wet room in your home, including:

Design Options

Without obstructions such as fixed cubicles and shower trays, you can be much more creative with your new bathroom. You can create an open-plan space with various lighting and design options. Whether you want to establish more of a spa vibe, oasis feel or sophisticated room with sleek lines, we can help you create your dream bathroom.

Aesthetic Value

Wet rooms help add a wow factor to homes in Mansfield and all surrounding areas. With a spacious design, minimalist features and wall-to-ceiling tiling, you can create a visually stunning room that showcases contemporary elegance combined with practical and enjoyable features.

A new bathroom installation can help you establish a space in your home to relax and spend some well-earned pampering time.

Property Value

Luxury homes go up in value if they have a wet room because they are attractive and suitable for those with young children and older families with mobility issues. Wet rooms are much more mobility friendly and also create an aesthetically pleasing room that is attractive to prospective buyers.

A new bathroom will also highlight that your home is in top condition, fully functional and has been well cared for.

Save Space

A wet room is a great way to save space in smaller properties. You achieve all of the benefits of a fully functional, practical and enjoyable shower space without the need for space-consuming fixtures. Wet rooms also allow you to lean into unique architectural features, such as sloping ceilings, to make the most of the space. Whether you have a smaller room or a larger en suite, this bathroom design will help you maximise your usable space.

Easy to Clean

Another key reason why people choose a wet room for their new bathroom installations is that they are easy to clean. Few fittings and fixtures provide an open space with no difficult-to-reach areas. With runners and creases, typical shower enclosures are famously difficult for gathering grime and dust, so by installing a wet room, these issues won’t occur, and you can easily clean your bathroom.

The team at HD Construction Notts Limited are happy to advise you on all of the different bathrooms we can install for customers in Mansfield and all surrounding areas.

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